Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I came across this blog post that I wrote a while back, in March and never published it, and its amazing to see how my previous post compares to this one. Enjoy :)

"My mind is everywhere but where it needs to be.

I feel completely congested, congested with thoughts, an overflowing amount of thoughts. My social, personal and academic life consists of nonstop movement, constantly going, attending, learning and being proactive about things. Ive grown accustomed to its crazyness and the beautiful perks of it but then ... (theres always a big but) your happy go lucky ass trips, falls and your left face down kissing the pavement.

Thats exactly where I am today, kissing pavement, ...tripped, fell and crashed. From family issues, to future plans, to end of the semester academic pressure, my head is in so many places right now, i rather just detach it and go headless. I much rather be out shopping, or in my bed reading an inspirational book, or even with my close-knit group of girls, gossiping, chatting and laughing it up in my apartment than in this library getting a whole lot of work done (insert line face here). Better yet, can someone take me back to Miami where I had no worries except whether I was getting a call a cab from Wet Willies or a 190 Octane from Fat Tuesdays. Ahhh - the lifeeeeee.

A little venting to de-congest. I'll be back with normal Dar soon."

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