Friday, March 11, 2011

Triple P's .

In midst of devastation, (such as the crisis in Japan) I've always been extremely good at playing the Little Miss Daisy role and keeping things light. Times like these, I wake up feeling blessed and refreshed wanting to lay a big fat juicy one on my intimate loved ones and spread the love. ((Throws up peace sign & walks around the room like a hippie))

If there's anything I've grasped and held onto within my tender years of living it's to love, live, be happy, dream big and then most importantly keep it POSITIVE, PROACTIVE and PRODUCTIVE. There's no point in crying over spilled milk so if you want something go out there and get it ... love something, go out there and tell them. Be POSITIVE, PROACTIVE and PRODUCTIVE about the events going on in your life.

Triple P's all day shun!

Keeping it bright with a little fashion loving, of course:
I was informed about this newly founded fashion site & greatly encouraged to submit an entry for 6inch walker of the week, and suprisingly I won!

Check it out the site and in the name of fashion, support the cause. These girl's will definetely give the down town basic bish a run for her money. I'm off to keep it productive for the day. Keep the Triple P's rolling lovelies :)

-Dar <3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Judge Me.

What is it about being judge that fuels me? Makes me want to throw on my game face and score straight buckets.

Let's face it, living the college life and living life period, you're bound to be judged here and there. A little bit of "she's conceited" mixed with a little bit of "she swears" topped off with "she knows nothing" is bound to slap you in the face from time to time. Then of course, walks in Ms.insecurity with Mr.questioning and the self doubting begins.

Let's side track a little. Before you stamp me with a title, learn the basics:

I'm young, twenty years young at that and full of ambition. I'm enrolled full time in school, very actively involved within my sorority as well as working two part times jobs to make it happen. Did I mention how aside from my outer shell, I would go out on a limb for those I truly care about? Or did I mention how I love love loveee laughing and rather stay in comfy and cozy than out rump shaking and fist pumping? Or did I even mention how I care waaayyy too much about my loved ones, to the point where their pain is my pain?
Eh, I must have failed to squeeze these "minor" details in between the finger pointings and the whispers.

I myself am still realizing little things about me I never knew, so why even take another's petty thoughts into consideration?

The good thing is, I've slowly learned to take these things, form them it into positive and run with it. I'm learning, making mistakes, experiencing and most importantly growing along the way.

But go ahead, Don't let me stop you the judge of me.

On a brighter note, who doesn't love this woman? A little Lauryn Hill to soothe the judging soul. Keep it classy babies! :)

-Dar ♡